Structural Rehab In Action

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ABEL RECON has recognized the immediate need for authorities and municipalities to rehabilitate their structures to guard against unwanted inflow and infiltration.  It was this growing need that first prompted our entry into the infrastructure rehabilitation arena.

ABEL RECON is a Sprayroq Certified Partner specializing in the repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures, including manholes, wet wells, clarifiers and vaults.  Large diameter stormwater and sanitary sewer culverts can also be completed.  The system spray_detail4is a process designed to repair and prevent deterioration of manholes and other related structures.  The product is a uniquely formulated, two part, urethane that is applied by state-of-the-art plural component spray equipment designed to deliver the highest quality lining to structures.  Pre-installation preparation is minimal, usually requiring only pressure washing and repair of any leaks.

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This unique urethane formula begins to cure within thirty seconds.  A typical manhole is completed within an hour, minimizing downtime and disruption of traffic.  As soon as the process is complete, the manhole can be returned to service, so costly by-pass pumping is seldom required.  The product provides the best protection against the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide and other hazardous chemicals such as sulfuric acid.

ABEL RECON can rehabilitate your structures with a quick turnaround time and add life to your system.

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