UV CIPP Lining Technology


ABEL RECON offers arelining1 complete cured-in-place pipelining service utilizing a UV-light-cured lining system manufactured by Reline America, Inc.  Reline America produces the Alphaliner liner, a high quality pipe renewal technology.  The Alphaliner liner is both a glass fiber reinforced pipe (GRP) and a UV cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).  This innovative liner is used to reline an existing pipeline that is structurally damaged, leaking, or one that has reached its expected lifespan.

The Alphaliner liner consists of two specially formulated principle materials: glass fiber and resin.  The liner strength originates with the seamless, spirally wound glass fiber tube.  The resin component will be either polyester, vinylester, or an ortho based resin.  All wet-out functions are performed at the factory, thus eliminating the potential for installer error due to liners impregnated at various regional locations or onsite.relining3

ABEL RECON determined the Alphaliner liner system to be the future method of cured-in-place pipelining in today’s market.  The seamless liner has both an exterior film and an interior film.  Any possibility of premature exposure to UV light is blocked by the exterior film.  Both of the film materials protect the liner from impurities, resin migration or washout, and also remove the threat of contamination on the jobsite.

CIPP Specifications

Throughout the world, older felt-based technologies are rapidly being replaced with the advanced glass fiber technology now available.  With over seven million feet of the Alphaliner liner product installed in twenty-five countries, a product life of 50+ years, and cost effective pricing, Alphaliner has become the leader in the GRP-CIPP revolution.

For additional information on the Alphaliner product, visit www.relineamerica.comreline-logo