Water Loss Prevention Program


Water loss prevention program for an international flavorings & fragrance manufacturing facility; Princeton, NJ.

Through a company initiative toward natural resource sustainability, actions are being taken to reduce unnecessary water loss in this company’s industrial process waste and sanitary sewer infrastructure.  The initiative currently relies on the design and installation capabilities of Abel Recon.  Throughout all areas of the industrial campus, including the on-site waste water treatment plant, Abel Recon has performed structure rehabilitation, corrosion protection and water tight lining of pipes, tanks and manhole structures.  These projects incorporate Reline America’s ALPHALINER fiberglass cured in place pipe lining and spray applied polyurethanes as manufactured by Sprayroq.  This task of lining the water and wastewater infrastructure for the entire industrial campus has been phased over the past several years and will continue into the future until the massive infrastructure rehabilitation undertaking has been completed.