Abel Recon shows the New Jersey State Department of Transportation the Light.

New Jersey Department of Transportation, Bureau of Engineering and Operations, Trenton, NJ.

In May 2015, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Bureau of Drainage Engineering & Operations was faced with an urgent situation. A state owned 18” corrugated metal storm drainage pipe crossing under a main intersection in the City of Millville, NJ had failed.

A major sink hole at the intersection was caused due to several holes in the drainage pipe that allowed the road base to cave into the pipe.  This area of road was temporarily overlaid with a steel plate to protect traffic until a proper repair could be made.

The repair was originally scheduled for an open excavation replacement of the entire 18” storm pipe segment which spanned all four lanes of traffic on one side of the intersection and one lane on another.  To perform an open cut replacement of the storm pipe would require closing up to five lanes of major commuter traffic over a period of two rush hours.

This scenario was not favorable for the DOT or the local city commuters.  According to the bureau’s project manager in charge of the NJ DOT statewide contract; Underwater Tunnel and Drainage Structure Rehabilitation, they had not previously utilized the technology of ultra violet cured-in-place pipe lining (UV CIPP) to perform highway drainage pipe and culvert repairs.  Scot Snyder project manager for Abel Recon,  Reline America’s Mid-Atlantic region infrastructure rehabilitation contactor explains of the Millville UV CIPP project, “The key points of interest for the bureau were the system’s capabilities in: size range, work area footprint, duration of line segment completion and system QA/QC data logging of the field verified cure data .” Alphaliner™ is capable of lining 6” to 54” diameter pipes with a minimal  environmental footprint.  The cure operations and monitoring technology is performed utilizing Reline America's, Quality-Tracker Syst.  This computerized system fully controls, monitors and records important parameters as air pressure, curing speed, video inspection, ambient and liner wall temperatures in real time for every foot of the segment cure.  It utilizes a system of CCTV cameras placed inside of the expanded liner to provide a full length video inspection of ever foot of the liner in its  pre-cure state to ensure a proper profile of the liner package prior to the curing phase. AlphalinerTM provides an extremely high structural reinforcement of it's host pipe offering flexural modulus strengths of 1,378,000-1,740,000psi to produce a "pipe within a pipe" offering load support much greater than that of the original host pipe.

The NJ DOT immediately requested a task order authorizing Abel Recon to perform this urgent safety project.  Reline America™ committed to expediting the Alphaliner™ order and Abel Recon mobilized a crew within one week. Abel Recon performed the complete UV CIPP rehab with only two lanes of traffic impeded during a single non-rush hour time period between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm.

Currently the bureau’s project manager is faced with limited resources and over 300 repair and maintenance projects for failing drainage infrastructure. Along with better efficiencies to perform the volume of the projects, commuter safety and road closures the New Jersey Department of Transportation continue to secure better processes to reduce the commuting public's concern's.

The DOT officials gained confidence in having the ability to provide all of the above while attending the job site of Abel Recon’s Alphaliner™ installation in Millville, NJ. The work was performed with the perspective of an educational demonstration of materials, installation and curing technologies.  The DOT decision makers were able to see first-hand the composition of materials, minimal traffic disruption, and quality control. Abel Recon has since secured several storm water drainage structure rehabilitation projects with the New Jersey Department of Transportation.