Corrosion Protection

Corrosion ProtectionCorrosion Protection for a 36’ Diameter Concrete Equalization Tank; Dairy Processing Plant, York, PA

Project details include the rehabilitation of a large diameter concrete processed waste equalization tank, a component of an industrial sanitary sewerage pre-treatment system and a complete upgrade of the pre-treatment system. During the evaluation process for this required upgrade, the original concrete equalization tank structure was found to be severely deteriorated, showing major spawling and with the majority of surface area experiencing extensive loss of surface cement binder, leaving only exposed aggregate. The cause of the cement deterioration was determined to the effects of the caustic contents of the dairy processing operations and sanitization chemicals. While the original tank rehabilitation specification called for utilizing a trowel applied repair cement, the plant management came the the understanding that cement would not offer a long term solution, as learned from the source effects on the original cement tank material. Abel Recon along with the project engineers studied the chemical and biological composition of the tank’s process waste contents and recommended the elastomeric polyurethane of Spray Shield Green 2 as developed and manufactured by Sprayroq. This polyurethane polymer has been designed to perform in this type of sanitary sewer environment with no effect to the material’s physical properties, adhesion or long term performance . This corrosion protection lining system utilizes the fast cure capabilities of the Sprayroq polyurethanes, while providing a 150mil (1/8”) thick application. This tank was rehabilitated and ready for 50 plus additional years of service in two work days by the Abel Recon crews, start to completion.