Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Annual Sanitary Sewer RehabilitationAtlantic City, NJ; Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Contract

Abel Recon has “Shed Some Light”, UV light that is, on Atlantic City Sewerage Company’s (ACSC) ongoing efforts in infrastructure upgrade and rehabilitation. ACSC accepts a responsibility to provide its sewerage rate payers the best in system performance while utilizing the best methods and technologies to provide the highest quality and “Rate-of- Return” when investing in their infrastructure maintenance. “Out-of-sight is not out-of-mind for us when we consider maintaining the value of our buried assets.” says the ACSC Vice President of Operations. Upon initiating an annual sanitary sewer main rehabilitation program, ACSC did extensive research into various technologies available to them. Upon attending an onsite UV CIPP demo provided to them during an Abel Recon installation of a UV light cured, fiberglass composite, cured-in-place-pipelining (UV CIPP) for a neighboring township, ACSC officials were able to see first-hand the advancements in the Quality Control of cure monitoring and the speeds and efficiencies that the UV CIPP process provides. “We now fully understand how the efficiencies of the UV CIPP lining technology are the correct choice for Atlantic City offering us the best technology in quality assurance while creating minimal disruption to our busy resort community”. “Abel Recon has continued to bring ACSC sewer main rehabilitation projects to completion before the expected deadlines and under budget” says ACSC’s Operations Manager. Abel Recon continues to line the 8”, 10” and 12” sewer main pipes of Atlantic City with the UV CIPP Quality Tracker systems and materials of ALPHALINER as manufactured by Reline America.