Dam Flood Mitigation

Dam Flood MitigationCountry Lakes Dam Flood Mitigation, Pemberton Township, NJ; New Jersey State Bureau of Dam Safety and Flood Control

The Country Lakes Dam, a flood control earthen dam operated under the direction of the New Jersey State Bureau of Dam Safety and Flood Control regularly experiences overflow levels that flood the Choctow Drive overpass, a township connector providing access across town from one side of the lake to the other. According to the township engineer, this road overpass regularly experiences flooding during heavy rain events. Caused by a sluice gate structure and corrugated metal outfall pipe that have outlived their useful life expectancy, the flood overflow events continue to degrade the overpass roadway structure as well as the earthen dam itself. Corrective measures needed to be addressed for fixing these critical components of the dam’s infrastructure to ensure safety to the community and to renew the effectiveness of dam operations. Addressing the structural rehabilitation needed for the 72” diameter corrugated metal outfall pipe required the state to consider various alternative corrective measures.

Due to multiple utilities buried under the Choctow Drive road surface and running directly over the outfall pipe, the costs associated with open cut removal and replacement of this pipe structure made this option impossible from a budgetary perspective. The State Bureau chose to utilize the trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation technology of a cured-in-place (CIP) spray applied structural polyurethane in SprayWall as manufactured by Sprayroq. By utilizing SprayWall, Abel Recon worked with the project engineer to submit structural properties, hydraulic characteristics and structural design calculations for an optimal material thickness for a SprayWall “insitu pipe”. These design capabilities of the structural polyurethane system ensure a verifiable fifty plus year renewed life of the existing deteriorated host outfall pipe. With these upgrades to the Country Lakes dam now complete, the dam’s mechanisms will once again operate to efficiently maintain safe water levels, thus eliminating overflow flooding to standards of the New Jersey State Bureau of Dam Safety and Flood Control.