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Stormwater Solutions: Pipe in New Jersey Repaired Using Pipe Lining


In May 2015, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Bureau of Drainage Engineering & Operations was faced with an urgent situation. A state owned 18” corrugated metal storm drainage pipe crossing under a main intersection in the City of Millville, NJ had failed. A major sink hole at the intersection was caused due to several holes in the drainage pipe that allowed the road base to cave into the pipe. This area of road was temporarily overlaid with a steel plate to protect traffic until a proper repair could be made.

The repair was originally scheduled for an open excavation replacement of the entire 18” storm pipe segment which spanned all four lanes of traffic on one side of the intersection and one lane on another. To perform an open cut replacement of the storm pipe would require closing up to five lanes of major commuter traffic over a period of two rush hours.


Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine, Feb 2014: Lighting The Way

Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine, Feb 2014: Lighting The WayWilmington, Del., was the first permanent Old World settlement in the Delaware River Valley. Discovered by the Swedes in 1638, it became the main port of America’s First State. Now the old city’s municipal sewer and water col­lection and conveyance system is showing its age, its earliest extant parts dat­ing from 1907.

Wilmington joins nearby Newark and Middletown in an area about a third of the tiny state’s size, whose sewer and water needs are served by the New Castle County Department of Special Services. Serving 118,000 sewer customers who generate 50-plus million gallons of wastewater daily, the county maintains more than 150 pump stations, 43,000 manholes, and more than 1,700 miles of san­itary sewer pipe.

Department Civil Engineer II Kevin Penoza is responsible for maintaining the aging infrastructure. He had to decide recently how to repair parts of the sys­tem, which began as vitreous clay pipe in 1907 but is mainly a post-WWII system updated from the 1940s to the ’70s. They began putting clay back in some areas along with other materials, creating a melange of pipe types to consider when planning repairs.    Read more...

Storm Water Solutions Magazine, Feb 2014: View From Below

Storm Water Solutions Magazine, Feb 2014, View From BelowThe Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) responsibility to keep the public safe while traveling is more than meets the eye. These duties are apparent when looking across the vast expanse of inter-states, bridges and rural roads winding through Pennsylvania’s abundance of mountains and river valleys. But what about the extensive underground infrastructure that carries storm water run-off and various utilities beneath the roads? These systems of pipe and tunnel, too, are in need of regular maintenance and repair in order to keep travelers safe.    Read more...

Cleaner Magazine, April 2013: “A Natural Progression”

Cleaner Magazine, April 2013Troy Abel, president of The Abel Companies, wanted to diversify his infrastructure construction firm to facilitate growth and hedge against the cyclical nature of infrastructure construction, which had been his bread and butter for over 30 years.

Based in the heart of South Central Pennsylvania's "Amish Country," Abel's firm was successfully and profitably providing infrastructure construction services such as heavy excavation, underground utility installation, curbing and paving to municipalities, utility agencies and property development firms, but it was time to consider venturing into other markets.

"We knew we wanted to enter a field that would be closely related to what we were already doing so that we could draw upon the experience and knowledge base of our team. It needed to be something where the technical learning curve and capital costs to enter would be manageable," Abel says.    Read more...

Quick Culvert Rehab

UCMag-Mar2013Reprint from Underground Construction - March 2013

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

Government departments across the nation continue to address failing culverts that pose serious risks to state and interstate highways and city streets.

Unfortunately, once installed, culverts often are out of sight and out of mind. However, the result of neglecting this component of infrastructure eventually makes itself known, often in a catastrophic failure resulting in costly emergency repairs. Read more...+


ABEL RECON expands its infrastructure rehabilitation service offerings in Ohio

JANUARY 2013: Hap Witmer, General Manager of ABEL RECON, part of the Abel Companies of Mountville, Pennsylvania announced the formal expansion of its infrastructure rehabilitation services firm into Ohio. ABEL RECON will provide structural rehabilitation services to Ohio municipalities, DOT agencies, utilities and industrial firms as licensed applicators of Sprayroq, spray-applied polyurethane liners  and Reline America, UV Cured-In-Place-Pipeline products.

"As budgets get increasingly tighter, municipalities and various agencies are looking for more cost-effective means to deal with their aging infrastructure. They are becoming more and more open to trying innovative trenchless technology methods to solve their problems. With the great success we've had installing spray-applied polyurethanes and CIPP for our clients in the Mid Atlantic Region we knew that our experience could be of great benefit to other nearby regions who are experiencing the burdens of fixing their assets but needing to do so in a highly efficient and minimally disruptive manner," says Witmer.


CIPP Helps Pennsylvania Township

CIPP_Helps_PennsylvaniaReprint from Trenchless Technology - October 2011

CIPP Helps Pennsylvania Township Strengthen Its Sewers - Abel Recon is nearing completion of a large cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) project that the company has undertaken using technology that is new to the project owner.

The relining project involves some 44,000 lf of sewer lines in Elizabeth Township, PA., which is located about 40 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh and is a mix of rural and suburban communities. Read more...+


Keep It Flowing

harrisburg_Page_2Reprint from Municipal Sewer and Water- October 2010

Keep It Flowing -There’s a word for traffic disruptions around Harrisburg,the Pennsylvania state capital: ugly. When two dual pipelines running deep beneath one of the area’s busiest arteries showed signs of deterioration, no one wanted to repair it by conventional dig-and-replace methods.

Instead, the PennsylvaniaDepartmentofTransportation(PennDOT) settled on a trenchless solution involving a spray-on structural coating. The job saved months of traffic disruption and an estimated $2.6million. Read more...+


PENN DOT's Storm Water Solution

WormleysburgReprint from Storm Water Solutions- January/February 2010

Trenchless structural spray coating turns a nightmare scenario into a successful pipe project - There’s one word for traffic disruptions around Harrisburg, Pa.: ugly. When two dual, or “double-barrel,” pipelines running deep beneath one of the area’s busiest arteries showed signs of deterioration, no one wanted to do a dig and replace. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) settled on a trenchless structural solution, saving months of surface disruption and more than $2 million. Harrisburg nestles between the eastern slopes of Pennsylvania’s tightly packed Allegheny Mountains and Cumberland Narrows of the Susquehanna River. The city of nearly 50,000 people is surrounded by small towns that have been absorbed into the sprawling state capitol. Read more...+

Pittsburgh Suburb Uses CIPP to Address I/I Issues

pennhilltrenchlessReprint from Trenchless Technology- July 2009

The Municipality of Penn Hills, Pa., and The Gateway Engineers Inc. recently addressed heavy inflow-and infiltration (I/I) issues of its sanitary sewer system using a ultra violet cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining system.The installer of the Reline America system was Abel Recon of Mountville, Pa., a certified installer of the patented system for Pennsylvania, and northeast Maryland, Delaware, and southern New Jersey.

The project, one of many for the municipality, was aimed at eliminating the heavy infiltration in the sanitary sewer system. The Blue-Tek lining system was a perfect fit for the issues present onsite. Read more...+


AOC UV Technology Saves Historic Home

AOC_CasehistoryReprint from AOC Case History 2009

UV Technology Saves Historic Home - Ingenious underground pipe repair technology that uses ultraviolet (UV) light helped preserve an 18th Century home nestled among hills near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Reline America, Inc.® technology installed by Abel Recon also restored natural water flow to the picturesque creek that runs past the historic building.  The Vipel® UV-cure resin system for the job was supplied by AOC.  The problem was occurring in 647 feet (197 meters) of old 10-inch (25.4-centimeter) diameter clay sewer line that runs near the home and creek.
Read more...+

CIPP Benefits Resort Dam

resort_damReprint from Trenchless Technology- February 2008

CIPP Benefits Resort Dam - Water levels at a popular Perry County, Pa , lake where visitors enjoy fishing, boating and swimming began dropping off to the point where those activities were being hindered.  What resort owners needed was a way to rehabilitate an aging and structurally damaged pipe that was causing the problem, thus returning the water levels to normal without disturbance to the surrounding area.  Lake Heron is a 10-acre, spring-fed lake that is located in Liverpool, Pa, about 30 miles north of Harrisburg, Pa. Read more...+


Abel Helps Chocolate Town USA Keep Things Sweet

derrytow-1Reprint from Municipal Sewer and Water- October 2007

Out of Sight, Always in Mind - Derry Township Municipal Authority combines inspection and maintenance to keep the pipes flowing freely in the community known as Chocolate Town, USA

A simple philosophy helps keep Derry Township Municipal Authority on the cutting edge of sewer maintenance technology: “Just because it’s out of sight, it can’t be out of mind,” says Wayne Schutz, assistant manager of the authority, which serves the community better known as Hershey, Pa., or Chocolate Town, USA. “We’ve got a huge capital investment in our underground structures, and we have to pay attention to them.” Read more...+